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What is Webrating

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Webrating.eu produces statistic data concerning websites' visitors. This is feasible via Webrating research, offering to every site the possibility to acquire, not only the quantitave data such as the number of unique visitors, the pageviews, the average time per page e.t.c but also qualitative data such as age, sex, educational and financial level.

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How can a site, participate in the Webrating survey?

Assuming, that a user wants to participates in the Webrating survey. The only thing he has to do, is to proceed with the registration, with a very low fee, complete the necessary personal data as well as the data of the site/sites he wants to include in the survey. Αfter this, webrating.eu produces an automated html code.The user has to integrate this code in the website, according to the given instructions.

The integration of the code, initiates the participation of the site in webrating.

How it works?

From the moment where Webrating survey is integrated in the site, a pop-up window, appears sporadically to the visitors of the site, asking them if they wish to participate in the survey.

Who can participate in the survey? All websites?

Of course! Every website can participate in the survey whatever its content or audience. The site's content, is important only to determine the caterogy where the site belongs ( not its audience)

In what form, the sites' administrator can have the survey's data?

The data are given as a numerical record, as well as in a chart presentation. For every question in the survey, there is a predefined chart. However, the user himself can alter the chart, if he want's so.

Moreover, he can choose to see additional data concerning results from the the extra surveys, about the

Where to, the site should give you access as to proceed with the survey?

For the survey to proceed and provide us all the important data in relation to the audience visiting the site, it is necessary to have access to google analytics, as to

What is the cost of participation in the survey?

The price for the Basic survey is 103 € ( 3 months), 210 € (6 months), 315 € (9 months), 420 € (12 months). For additional surveys, or different data processing, please advise cost at '' additional surveys''

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The ''property'' of every site, is its audience but also the products/services choosing to advertise to this specific audience.

But how well do you know your audience today, as to persuade your clients to advertise at your site? How effective overtime, will be an advertisement at your site & your audience, for your client to repete advertising? How really interesting is the sites' content for the visitors of your site? These, are only few of the questions, Webrating can answer for you, accurately and at very low cost.

Webrating.eu is a unique, reliable research, providing all necessary insights you need, as to understand the market and the profil of the reader. Because, its the only reasearch providing information beyond the number of visitors, and about the financial status of the visitor, his real habits & interests, his education, family status e.t.c.

Βy participating in additonal research fields, with a small charge, you can access information concerning the average indices of the category your website belongs, compare to the other websites participating in webrating survey,

Enhancing knowledge around your site, gives you added value, which is necessary to every medium, following the market trends.

Is it possilbe for someone else to see the data of my site?

This is completely, your choise. During registration, you can choose the data, someone else could see.

Only you.

The subscribers of Webrating ( this means, that probably your competitors could see it also)

The clients and the advertising agencies , as to select advertising campaigns, especially for your audience