Privacy Policy

Webrating survey provides a variety of products and services in order to understand and help others understand how people use computers and the Internet. This is performed by gathering research data on the traffic and the users of the websites of our customers.

This research is conducted by Variable Networks and Webrating LTD and comply with the codes of ethics of ESOMAR.

Information Collection and Use

Webrating survey can collect research data in various ways. We use cookies (both flash and non-flash) to gather statistical information that helps us understand what users of our customers websites, find interesting and helpful. A cookie is a small text file containing a random and unique identifier (eg # 12489), which is sent to your browser from a Web server and then stored in the hard disk of your computer. Through the modification of the browser preferences, a user can choose to accept all cookies, receive notification when a cookie is installed or to reject all cookies (specific instructions listed below). However, the variations in these settings can affect the functionality of some sites.

Also, we can import a code ( sometimes it refers as '1x1 clear pixel', 'web beacon' or 'clear GIF') in the webesite pages of some clients, aiming to collect more information about the websites' usage.

The types of statistical information we can gather, on behalf of our customers is the number of visitors to their site, what pages or segments, such as online video they visit, time spent, viewing measurement of advertisements, location of visitors, prior to accessing the Website and details on browsers (including IP address or browser configuration). We use this information as to provide our customers detailed reports and analyses of the traffic to their sites. All this information is provided to customers, as "completely anonymous'’ database.

We can also perform random pop-up surveys to some users of our clients' Websites, during their visits to these websites. These surveys, request additional demographic information without personal identification. The participation in a survey is always voluntary and therefore the participant has the option to provide or not the requested information from the poll. We use the information gathered from the survey, combined with information gathered through our cookies and code, in order to offer our customers a thorough and even more detailed understanding of their Internet audience.

Webrating may also combine the information collected by the Websites of our customers with other data and research tools, such as databases which may include information on car sales, sales / health services, etc. as to conduct additional research and acquire extended knowledge regarding the use, behavior and demographic characteristics of the internet audience.

The Technology used by Webrating is not intended to collect personal identifiable data. However, in some limited circumstances, such information may be acquired, if for example, personal data such as an email address, is embedded in a sequence URL. In Webrating we do NOT use personal identifiable data which have involuntarily been acquired in this manner, nor will we ever share this information with our customers. The personal identifiable data will NEVER be used by Webrating for the purpose of advertising, marketing or the trading of goods or services from third parties to you.


We hire or sign contract with other companies or individuals, as to perform certain functions on our behalf. In these companies or individuals access to information necessary for the performance of these functions can be provided, but they are prohibited from using such information for any other purpose. In addition, we may disclose information to third parties, when disclosure is required by law, or when necessary, or desirable to exercise, or preserve our legal rights, or take action regarding potentially illegal activities. Although, if our whole company or part of it is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, your information, personally identifiable or otherwise, may be transferred as part of this transaction.

Security and Confidentiality

In Webrating we apply specific security measures, as to safeguard the security and confidentiality of information, while under our control, which are able to apply indefinitely. There is limited access to your information, for individuals and agents who we believe need to come into contact with this information, all of which are bound by this privacy policy. The access or use of information, for any other reason, other than those specified in this privacy policy, will not be approved.